[NEW] Portable Rack Light Kit
[NEW] Portable Rack Light Kit
[NEW] Portable Rack Light Kit

[NEW] Portable Rack Light Kit

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Introducing the Rack Light Kit – Your Ultimate Lighting Solution


The Rack Light Kit is a versatile, rechargeable LED light designed for adventure and convenience. Whether you're deployed, camping, hiking, or need a reliable light source on the go, this compact device has got you covered.

Take the Rack Light Kit with you anywhere and experience the convenience of portable, powerful lighting. Illuminate your rack and stay prepared for any situation.

• Four Lighting Modes: Choose from red, low, high, and flashing red to suit any situation. The bright LED light ensures visibility and safety, lasting for hours on a single charge.
• Multi-functional: Use it as a night light, mini lantern, flashlight, or emergency signal. Its adaptability makes it perfect for your rack, berthing, outdoor activities, and everyday use.
• Portable and Durable: Lightweight and equipped with a sturdy carabiner, you can easily attach it to your backpack, rack, or locker. The Carabiner Light Kit is built to withstand the elements, making it a reliable companion for your adventures.
• Adjustable – Converts to a Carabiner with the included paracord adapter.
• Kit Contents: 1 Rack Light, 1 webbing adapter, 1 paracord adapter, and 1 USB cable.

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