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Improving the Quality of Life at Sea

Better Sheets, Tighter Racks, Happier Crew

Premium Ship Rack Sheets & Rack Curtain Accessories for Navy Racks, Submarine Racks, and Coast Guard Racks.

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Upgrade Your Rack

Upgrade your Navy and Coast Guard Ship Racks & Staterooms with the best quality, softest, quietest, most comfortable products anywhere at sea!


Specially designed to withstand harsh maritime conditions and durable enough for deployment.

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Providing Sailors and Marines with a more comfortable and high-quality sleep experience.

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Soft, ultra-cushioning, alleviates pressure points, reduces discomfort, and improves quality of life.

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Deployment just got way better!

Fleet Sheets are perfect for life at sea because they’re specifically designed for ship rack sizes in berthing and staterooms.
Premium Sheet Set Bamboo Mattress Topper Rack Curtain Caddy Sleep Mask Luxury Bamboo Sheet Set

Premium Ship Rack Gear


Whether you're getting underway, going on deployment, or as a gift, our ship rack products are the ultimate comfort upgrade for berthing and staterooms!