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Size Questions

US Navy rack mattress sizes are associated with the type of berthing personnel are assigned onboard the ship and are commonly based on their rank/paygrade. Junior enlisted personnel that are in paygrades E-6 and below are "Crew" and will share the same berthing areas. Senior enlisted personnel that are in paygrades E-7 to E-9 are "CPO" or Chief Petty Officers. Officers in paygrades O-1 and above assigned to staterooms are "Officer". Junior Officers, O-1 to O-3, on larger Naval Ships can be assigned to staterooms that accommodate 3-4 personnel. These 3-4 person staterooms have "CPO" size rack mattresses. Coast Guard Cutter berthing and other Coast Guard vessels are the "CPO" size rack mattresses. We always recommend measuring the rack and referring to our size guide to be certain of the specific size you might need.

Most likely "Regular" size. 90% of Crew berthings for E-6 and below on US Navy surface ships are "Crew" size rack sheets. "Crew Long" size rack sheets are more common on newer CVN and LCS ship classes. "CPO Long" size rack sheets are common in many CPO berthings. See our Size Guide

for exact measurements. If you are ordering Fleet Sheets as a gift for a Junior Sailor but not 100% sure, we recommend the regular "Crew" size. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Exchanges and Returns are zero hassle. Contact Us Now.

If you have any other questions or would like clarification, please Contact Us.

Product Questions

Yes! Shipboard rack bed-linen/bed-spreads made of cotton and poly/cotton blends are authorized for Navy (N) shipboard use.

Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) does not provide any shipboard specification requirements for bed-linen/bed-spreads as these items are considered consumables (items replaced frequently for replenishment and/or normal wear & tear). NAVSEA does provide shipboard specifications, especially relative to fire retardancy requirements, for rack pillows, rack curtains, and rack mattresses, as these items are NOT considered consumables.

The most applicable reference for shipboard rack bed-linen/bed-spreads is CCC-C-430F.

Yes! However, colors other than white are authorized at each Ships' Command discretion in accordance with the berthing policy instruction.

Commands' typically establish for white sheets to provide conformity during major berthing inspections. The vast majority of Commands' relax this policy during normal operations to allow Crews' to personalize their berthing racks and boost morale.

Specific guidance is typically provided within each ships' berthing policy instruction for reference.

Yes! During INSURV, berthing inspectors reference the ships' own berthing policy instruction for scoring. There is no overarching bed-linen/bed-spread instruction/specification for forces afloat used by INSURV.

If the ships' berthing policy instruction authorizes navy blue & gold striped rack bed-linen (available for custom quote on request), then inspectors will score based on conformity to the ships' berthing policy instruction.

We have recieved a tremendous amount of positive feedback from INSURV inspectors where Fleet Sheets were utilized during berthing inspections. This positive feedback included the overall improved look and feel of berthing and racks vs Ships' that did not utilize Fleet Sheets.

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Shipping Questions


-Continental US shipping options available from US Postal Service (USPS) and UPS.
-Military FPO shipping options available from USPS only.
-OCONUS and International shipping options from USPS, UPS, and DHL.

Via USPS. When sending your order via USPS to an FPO address, use the following information and example:

Enter the full name of the addressee.

Enter the unit or Post Office box number.

Enter the city. The city must be entered as either “APO,” “FPO”
or “DPO.” Don’t put the name of the actual city.
Enter the state. The State must be either “AA” “AE” or “AP.”
Don’t put the name of actual state or country.
Enter the zip code. Enter the 5-digit zip code for the military
unit. It must start with a 0 or 9.

Sailor Name
USS Dwight D Eisenhower CVN 69
Unit 100236 Box 1
FPO, AE 09532

Company/Ship Name: USS Dwight D Eisenhower CVN 69
Address line 1: Unit 100236 Box 216
City:FPO *State:AE Zip Code:09532

*There are 3 options when selecting the state for a military address:

"AA" (Armed Forces of the Americas)
"AE" (Armed Forces of Europe)
"AP" (Armed Forces of the Pacific)

While carriers such as FedEx® and UPS® offer delivery to countries where
military personnel may be stationed, the USPS is the only carrier that can
deliver mail and packages to APO/FPO/DPO locations.

Due to security restrictions, APOs, FPOs and DPOs cannot accept mail or
packages from any other carrier, except the USPS.