What To Look For When Buying Rack Sheets

Are you going to be in deployment for some months on a Navy ship? While there are many things to get ready for your stay as a serving member of the Maritime Forces, you should never neglect the importance of a good night’s sleep. In any activity or job, sleeping has a huge role, but this becomes even more important when you become a Sailor on duty. Being able to enjoy a soothing night at your berthing is hands down a game changer in your overall experience. An important element, often overlooked when going for deployment in the Navy, is the sheets that you choose. Having the right bedding can be the difference between staying relaxed and cool, and getting an annoying skin allergy after some nights, or simply feeling too warm and suffocated. If you are interested in getting knowledge about how to pick the best sheet set for your rack, keep on reading and take note of the following tips.

The material of your sheets matters

Although we often tend to select our linen by the color, there is much more that comes into play when it comes to having a pleasant night at our racks. One of the most important factors to have a good texture, ventilation and comfort, is the material from what your sheets are made of. Choosing fabrics manufactured with natural fibers will always result in an improved experience, since these kinds of components such as bamboo, silk and cotton offer a lot of benefits, if compared with synthetic fabrics, for example, they are hypoallergenic, breathable and regulate the temperature of out bodies, keeping us cool. Not for nothing 100% cotton sheets are a timeless classic in all cultures all over the world.

Ensure a good fit

Let’s face it, life as a sailor includes hard work and sometimes long shifts. For this reason, the last thing you want to deal with when you arrive at your berthing, is having to fix bunching up sheets, or having them slipping off your bed as you lay down. Taking this into account, it is essential to buy the right size, according to your rack specifications. For this purpose, you can order your sheet set from Fleet Sheets, and simply select your rank, they will make sure to provide the correct measurements that fit your rack perfectly. By selecting this supplier, you can make your rack easily as they offer a fitted sheet in each set, meaning that you can forget about making hospital corners in your linen.

Pick your sheet color wisely

When making your purchase you may take into consideration that there are some advantages from selecting a dark colored sheet set, but there are also other benefits if you pick a light color such as white. Whereas a navy blue sheet set will allow you to hide some stains or dust (if there is some dust around in your berthing), light colors are more resistant to high temperatures when you wash them because their color won’t shade away, which allows you to ensure better cleaning.

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