2024 Guide to Enhancing Your Navy Rack on Deployment

2024 Guide to Enhancing Your Navy Rack on Deployment

2024 Guide to Enhancing Your Navy Rack on Deployment

Life at sea can be uncomfortable. Long, stressful days, coupled with the unpredictable nature of scheduling, can wreak havoc on your sleep. As research shows, sleep is one of the most important aspects of operational readiness. While sailors are notorious for our ability to fall asleep anywhere, when it comes to rack time, you don't need to suffer. Here are three ways to significantly improve your navy coffin rack while at sea.

Quality Sheets

Let's be honest; your navy sheets are made by the lowest bidder. That scratchy, wool-like issued sheet you have is mediocre at best. Why spend your seven-month deployment in a sleeping bag when you can sleep in luxury? Get your thread count up, and enjoy everything from premium, flannel, to luxury sheets. You can even improve your quality of life with fitted sheets (no more "hospital corners!") It's 2024—treat yourself to hotel-quality bedding at sea. Whether you're in the Coast Guard or the Navy, having comfortable sheets is a great foundation to turn your rack into your space. Grab a bedding sheet set today and take the first step to a better night's sleep!

Mattress Topper

We all know our navy coffin rack mattresses leave a little to be desired when it comes to support and comfort. Navy ship racks are notoriously underwhelming in this category. By getting yourself a quality mattress topper, you'll be counting sheep before you know it and clocking in more Z's than anyone else in your berthing. It's an easy-to-implement game-changer you'll be thankful for later. Plus, they're machine washable, which means you can freshen them up when it gets a little stale a few months into deployment.


Navy coffin racks fit a surprising amount of things inside them, but there are always a few items you'd like to be accessible without having to lift your rack to get them (especially after lights out). Not to worry, though; we've got a solution for you: check out a deep-pocket curtain caddy for all your storage needs! Specifically designed to hang inside the standard navy rack curtains, a curtain caddy can hold electronics, your tagged-out charging cables, books, glasses, and more in an easy-to-access, organized way. No more fumbling in your rack after lights out. Just toss them in the caddy and drift off to sleep. If you really want to upgrade your curtain storage and privacy, we will be introducing our custom rack curtains. Our custom navy rack curtain caddy will provide features like full-length storage pockets, light-blocking fabric, and rank/rate/name personalized embroidery. Look for our custom navy rack curtains and navy blackout curtains coming soon!

While there are multiple ways to improve your life at sea, these three foundation pieces can help tremendously where it counts. Deployments can be long, unpredictable, and stressful, but your rack time doesn't have to be. Want to start your new level of comfort today? Grab all three with a Luxury Comfort Care Package. Best of all, we ship to APO/FPO locations and anywhere in the United States. Your body will thank us later.

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