Personalize Your Stateroom

Personalize Your Stateroom

It is a tradition as old as America itself.  Soldiers in the Revolutionary War routinely marched into battle with their own rifles, boots, clothes, and sometimes food.  Granted, America has come quite a long way since then and our Gross Domestic Product is just a tad bit higher now than it was in 1776, but that doesn’t mean tradition is lost.  For those who have deployed, you understand the sense of home away from home that a ship, barracks, or even fighting hole can bring.  Personally, I believe in making a home away from home a source of refuge as well as one for which fighting is well worth it.


I am a huge fan of historical war photos and not for the reason you might think.  Sure, it is fascinating to see the faces of warriors long past.  But to be honest, I rarely look at their faces.  Rather, I am looking in the background to see the context of their war.  Pictures, decorations, and gear all tell a part of the story. Warriors named tanks, painted pictures of bombshells babes on their planes, and made the space of their war their very own.

To be quite honest, this has never changed. Forward operating bases from Vietnam to Afghanistan will bear the marks and personality of the individuals within it.  For those who have been deployed this is no surprise to you.  Many of our brothers and sisters in arms will never see their home alive again, so why not make the one you endure today home.  It is your war space, make it your own.

Best Job I Ever Had

You might recognize that line from the recent Brad Pitt movie, Fury, which highlighted tank warfare in World War 2 Europe.  The tank was their home and when the end was imminent, pulled out a bottle of whiskey and muse, “Best Job I Ever Had.”  After all, for many of us in the Navy, that is how we feel about our ships.  Say the word Enterprise, Hornet, Missouri, or even Arizona around a World War 2 Navy Veteran and by the glow in his eye, you will be able to quickly discern if that was home for him.

I am not afraid to tell you that the Navy, was in fact, the best job I ever had.  If you are currently serving, you might not realize it at the time, but you will never meet a more motivated sailor than the Veteran who finally realizes what he had.  What a shame we couldn’t all realize it more at the time.  This is the spirit of Fleet Sheets.  Yes, the Navy will issue you rack sheets that might have been used by John Paul Jones himself and that will, in fact, get you through deployment and war.  But I believe your war space should be your own as much as command allows. 

For the price of a nice dinner, you can basically have high-quality sheets designed and fitted for the very racks on which you sleep.  More comfortable to sleep in, easier to make-up, and meet all shipboard standards & INSURV requirements, these are just some of the reasons you will find entire Navy ships fitted with Fleet Sheets.  Your ship is your home and deployments can be long and grueling. For war demands what it demands without asking us for an opinion.  Personalize your war space brothers and sisters, with our custom made sheets or not, but make your home away from home the scene for what is in fact, the best job you ever had.

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