How To Pick The Best Navy Rack Sheets

Do Rack Sheets Really Make A Difference When On Deployment? 

Perhaps you are looking forward to joining the Navy in the foreseeable future. Making such a life-changing decision like this one can be a source of anxiety and uncertainty -rightly so. When you are in your teens or early twenties, there is so much going on around and a whole lot of opportunities start to open up to you, meaning that the possibilities become countless. Those decisions affecting your present as well as your future should be taken with the seriousness it represents, especially if those decisions affect your close family as well, for example if you are engaged, married or expecting a child. In spite of this, there are so many benefits of joining the Navy, needless to say, no without reason thousands of new sailors accept the challenge and go into deployment every year.

Let’s face it, even though becoming part of the Navy is a big deal that not everyone can commit to, the benefits are really good, compared to many other career paths. All in all, deciding to enter the Navy does not have to be a painful experience, it has a lot of good things, and making your time throughout deployment even better is now at your fingertips. As you may agree, there are several factors that come into play for a successful time at the Navy, but most of them can be included in these three: maximize your performance, keep an optimal physical health and have a good time, and all of them are very important to have a sustained personal and professional growth

Even though it can be hard adjusting to food, hard, long schedules, and other things that are out of your control, you can always improve your quality of sleep, which according to many naval servers from Seaman Recruits all the way to Admirals is a game changer. Studies show that one of the best ways to improve your sleep is by having a nice setting, which includes an often neglected aspect: your sheets. In this article we will cover all the important features that you have to keep in mind when getting the best Navy Rack sheets that you can pick for your rack.

Life As A Sailor

Whether you are already working as part of a Navy Crew or you are thinking about becoming one soon, one thing is for sure, at some point you looked for information related to the typical lifestyle of a seaman. Perhaps you have googled ‘pros & cons of the Navy’, ‘why should I join the Navy’ or something along those lines, which is a must, also, in addition to this, you should also ask someone who has served in the Navy himself or who is enlisted at this time. Plus, you should aim to have this kind of talk with more than just one sailor, as every person has their own particular experience and vision of what life in the Navy is like, and in the same way, the way you go through this affair will be a one-in-a-lifetime event that won’t exactly match other stories you may hear. 

Pros and Cons Of Joining The Navy And How A Set Of Sheets Can Support Your Routine

As follows, we will go through some of the most common pros and cons that people often find as enlisted members of the Navy, just for informative purposes, and we will mention how you can benefit yourself from a high-quality set of sheets, aiming to achieve a good night's sleep without a hassle. So, let’s get to the juicy stuff. Among the most relevant perks of taking part in a ship's crew, we can mention that they will literally provide all those essential things in life, and what is even better, not only for yourself but the majority of these benefits also apply to your wife and kids, in case you have. 

Now, it is important to ask this to your direct contact with the Navy staff because some of the rules change from ship to ship, but in general you will be allowed to study. In fact the armed forces are the first interested in having prepared and well educated seafarers, meaning that they will pay for most of your tuition fees, the pay you might be required to make is just symbolic. In addition to this, you will have healthcare access, which includes dental service, such as braces. The Navy will offer your professional opportunities to grow and make the most out of your career, and you will also have a bunch of useful discounts on trips, restaurants and other great advantages. 

Taking Care Of Your Mental Health During Deployment

Above all those benefits listed, you will be serving your country and making the world a better place. If this sounds fulfilling and is what you are looking for, it can easily be worth the sacrifices. Although no one likes to think about the big hassles and momentary deprivation that are necessary at times, it is much better to know beforehand about those difficult situations that we may encounter. As a sailor, you are subject to long and recurrent deployments, meaning that you could miss some important events such as birthdays, anniversaries and even childbirths. Plus, adapting to life at the sea can be hard for a number of reasons, from the emotional point of view, it can be hard to see the same people all the time 24/7, with no chance to leave with your family for one weekend. 

Taking Care Of Your Physical Well-Being

Probably you have heard more than once that you will develop deep and authentic connections with your fellow enlisted members, which is absolutely true. But there are going to be times of friction, just as it happens in every job, and it is helpful to be mentally prepared to deal with possible harsh situations. Having a repairing rest at night is really helpful in this regard, and we will talk more about it in the following lines. Now, if we look at the physical well-being, it can be highly demanding to be at the ship, especially during the first weeks or even months. An aspect that you need to consider is that the food given at ships is oftentimes precooked, taken out of the freezer, so if you are used to a strict or fresh diet, you may experience some troubles such as an upset stomach. 

Sleeping As A Recovery Tool

Another common issue is faced by those people who get seasick easily, and even if you don’t usually suffer from this, it can happen when you get into your ship. One thing that can truly help you to overcome both physical and mental ailments is a favorable sleep. Not only a good slumber will help you to develop healthy relationships with your fellow sailors, as sleeping is known to be one of the best mood boosters, but you will also have better memory, ability to think straight when you need to make plans, develop tactics and keeping control over different activities, and all the necessary mental skills to ensure an optimal performance during the time you will serve your country on deployment. As if this was not good enough, by giving your body all the Z’s it needs, you will promote a healthy heart rate, feel physically capable of undertaking any challenges and support an athletic body composition.

In order to be able to have a better sleep as you are serving in the maritime forces, it is obvious that some things will be out of your control. Well, even when you not are not always going to be able to select your schedule, regulate how hard you are going to work, block all singe noise from your berthing, select the rack you want to use, set a comfortable temperature or use aromatic scents to aim relaxation after a long day of service, instead of complaining about those things you can’t do, it is always smarter to focus on what you can control and take responsibility over that. Although holding yourself accountable about the little details at your berthing, when all you want to do sometimes is roll in your rack and fall asleep, making an extra effort at the beginning will pay off, and your body will thank you. 

An essential factor that is actually in your hands to improve, is the set of bed sheets that you will use, making the right choice will help you to achieve a comfortable temperature, a soft sensation and an overall improved sleep. Just think about it, your bedding clothes are the first thing you touch when you make it up to your rack, and having a nice set that meets your needs can be the first big step towards a peaceful night. It is actually very astonishing to realize that such a small change in your bed linen choice, can have such a big impact in your whole experience as a sailor in the Navy, because remember that sleeping well plays a huge role in your whole well-being and performance. So if you believe that taking your own sheets to your deployment is not an important matter, you absolutely should rethink this. 

How To Make Your Nights Better

There are a couple of things to consider when you have the intention of spending a good bedtime at your rack, from possibly changing the curtains -which should be asked to your naval ship’s contact person, to adding some storage, such as a curtain caddy. Now, even when there are hangers available around the berthing and you have your own personal storage compartments, you may agree that it is hard to fumble around your rack after lights out, and especially if we take into account that there are other people trying to sleep. So, having a handy storage at your fingertips becomes a life saver in those circumstances. As you see, often it's the little things that make a big difference, when your goal is to have pleasant nights during your serving time at the maritime forces. However, all of this is not enough if you keep the scratchy, rough sheets issued by the Navy.

What To Look For In Linen

The truth is that when you are getting a new set of sheets, there are a number of things to keep in mind, but when you are joining the Navy, the decision can become even harder. First of all, there is no one-fits-all solution to bedding needs, as some people are more prone to low or hot temperatures, plus everyone enjoys some kind of sensations more than others. While some people love the silky texture of a luxury bed linen, others prefer a cozy flannel instead. However, if you are taking the effort of choosing the sheets that match your specific needs you want them to last for the entire duration of your deployment, and for this reason it is a must to put your name on it, in this way you will identify them easily, and increase the chances to find them in case that anyone takes them by accident. 

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Sheets Set

Whether you prefer to inscribe your initials or name with a marker or get your name embroidered on the edge of each bed linen, it’s personal choice, however, a personalized set of sheets look very stylish and elegant. Plus, by choosing a customized embroidery, you prevent the risk of the marker shading away after some washings. Probably you didn’t know it, but some amazing stores dedicated to providing products for deployments, such as Fleet Sheets, know about these frequent needs among sailors and provide embroidery services at a fair price. So, if you will invest time and money in some specific bedclothes, and you want them to last for a long time, it might be worth considering this alternative.

If you need a little help to pick the right Navy rack sheets option, we have your back. Obviously, at the end of the day you will select an option that matches your needs and fits to your budget, but it is always good to have full knowledge about the options available. There is much more than liking the color, in order to purchase navy rack sheets that we actually enjoy. One of the features that you will often read at any set of specifications is the thread count, common numbers of thread count can range from 200 to 800 and it refers to the amount of both, horizontal and vertical threads that we can find in one square inch of the sheet. Generally speaking a higher number of threads is related to better quality, but there are other factors that influence the hand of your bed linen.

Contrary to what people often think, a higher number of threads does not automatically translate to better performance, when it comes to picking a set of sheets. Another important element that comes into play to improve a luxe and soft touch is the manufacturing process, which includes all the chemical and physical operations implemented to produce the sheets. In addition to this, the quality of your set will be also determined by the main materials used. While there are a bunch of different fabrics, the all-time favorite is undoubtedly the popular cotton. Which has been adopted by a lot of countries and cultures thanks to its many benefits, like its breathability and the comfort offered, just to mention just a couple. The takeaway is that you can have a low thread number such as 200, but if you are buying from a trusted, premium supplier, chances are that you will get a good product.

Cotton Sheets vs Others

Compared to other alternatives, cotton offers a superior experience. While this fabric is super fresh and perfect for sensitive skin, choices like jersey, microfiber or other polyester fabrics are less breathable and may cause irritation after using them for some time. It is also important to know that not all cottons are the same. Some of the common types are percale, which is found in most sheets, combed cotton that offers soft hand and strength, and you can also choose sateen cotton which is really soft and has an awesome, lustrous feel. However, if you like to stay warm and cozy, you may want to choose another fabric, such as flannel, which is super warm but also breathable. Plus, this is an easy to clean and long-lasting fabric.

Since you are going to take your set of bed linen into the ship, it is essential to bear in mind that there are special US Navy shipboard requirements and standards, which should be met.

If you want to make sure that you are getting premium quality linen able to improve your bedtime, and that they are in accordance with the applicable standards, you might want to order from a highly trusted brand such as Fleet Sheets. They offer various items aiming to take your experience as a sailor to the next level, and people don't seem to get enough from them. You don’t need to worry about the sheet’s compliance, as this is a company owned by a veteran, meaning that they are experts and a leading business in this matter, attracting new customers continuously and keeping the existing ones happy.

A Great Option To Purchase Your Navy Sheets

If you are all about budget-friendly products, you are going to love the awesome options offered by Fleet Sheets, with prices as low as $31 for one set. Starting with their Signature Sheet Set, you can enjoy a great 250 thread count cool percale that provides a super fresh, breathable feel. Another choice that suits those who love to sleep warm, is the Flannel Sheet Set, featuring a heavenly velvet-like texture, perfect to use it all year round. Finally, you have the chance to get Luxury Sheet Sets, with a high thread count made with the fabulous sateen-woven cotton, that feels and looks luxury, without a luxury price tag. Thinking of sailors like you, all of the products provided by Fleet Sheets are machine washable and dryable. And your set will include one flat sheet, one fitted sheet (forget about the hospital bedding) and a pillowcase, so you don’t have to worry about getting those complements separately.

Keeping Your Linen Fresh For Longer

In the matter of keeping your sheets clean, it’s important to have a proper cleaning routine, which applies for everyone. Keeping up with the chores as you are on deployment can become a bit overwhelming, as you will often be busy with hard or tight schedules. However, this is your friendly reminder to take the time to clean your bed linen, after all, the rack is your only personal place, where you have the chance to relax, be with yourself, and the spot where you start and finish your days. So, why not make your rack a fragrant, crispy and clean space? You can have the best bedding in the world, but as long as it is dirty and smelly, you won’t be able to enjoy it. As for health, nowadays more than ever, it might be worth emphasizing the cleanliness of our areas, since this habit reduces health risks, and the best place to start is our berthing and racks. 

Although there are differing opinions, the consensus of experts recommends washing your sheets ideally once a week. This number may sound like a little bit too much, but as surprising as this may sound, the linen can absorb a lot of sweat, dust and germs, which multiply really fast, increasing the chances of developing allergies and other ailments caused by bacteria. One thing that helps to keep your bed clothing clean is rooted to the materials, not that much to the washing frequency. Aiming to select breathable fabrics, such as cotton will prevent bacteria from building up, plus they will keep you fresh. 

Remember, just because your sheets look clean, it doesn’t mean that they are. If you are interested in applying some  simple strategies to deep clean your sheets (and keep them tidy for longer), you can start by washing a few items at a time. When you cram a lot of clothes in the washing machine, it prevents a proper clean and the detergent may not reach every spot as it should. If you want to select a little bit higher temperature to ensure a better result, it is better to wash only bed linen. 

By refraining from adding clothes, you will prevent damages in your other wearing items due to the heat, and things won't tangle with each other. Although selecting a slightly higher temperature might be a good idea to get rid of germs, going too high can damage your sheets permanently. The rule of thumbs is to use a normal cycle, unless you notice some unusual stains that might be hard to take away. In this case you can pre-wash only those dirty spots with some warm water and cleaning formula directly, prior to placing them in the washing machine. Also, if you are going through some kind of infection, or viral illness, then it is a smart idea to use a hot cycle, which will help you to sterilize your bedding and avoid further transmissions.

While it is necessary to keep your navy rack as tidy and crisp as possible, it is crucial to take into account that overwashing your linen can be detrimental for its quality, since the cleaning chemicals, plus the mechanical and thermal activity of the machines affect the fabric, and it tends to wear out with the more you wash it. For this reason, after the first couple of washings, you will notice how your sheets become even softer and comfortable. Besides this observation, you also may want to consider that white, as well as light-colored sheets tend to be more resistant to any temperature, simply because there is no risk for the color to fade away. Opposite to this, dark colored sheets should be generally washed at a cold-to-mild temperature to preserve the intensity of the tint.

Tips For Drying Your Sheets During Your Deployment

Probably you have heard before that when it comes to drying any clothes, sunlight is always the best option. This stems from the fact that when fabric is exposed to the open air, it tends to get an unbeatable touch of freshness, and on top of that, the heat coming from the sun exposure helps to further get rid of germs. However, when you are on deployment you will have to use the washing machine and there are some tricks you can apply too, aiding to get the best possible results. Our suggestion is to lay your hands on some drying balls, if you haven’t tried them yet, you will get a nice surprise when you do. 

Dryer balls are used in the drying machine and have some great benefits, for example, you will be able to get your sheets dry in less time, reducing as well the heat exposure. In addition to this, the dryer balls impede your clothing from tangling in the machine. When looking for options, you will find dryer balls made out of rubber and others out of wool, our suggestion is to pick these ones. You can simply do a little research and notice that people give a higher score to wool balls, and it all comes down to the results, because these kinds of dryers create a soft friction that aids to soften the sheet set without need or chemicals.

Now, if you want to take your sleeping experience to the next level and you enjoy using natural products, you can simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oils while drying your bedding. This is a pro-tip for those sailors who love heavenly fragrances to relax after a hard day at the naval ship. Even when you are not allowed to turn candles or wax melts, you can still have your favorite scents in your sheets set to aid an amazing and repairing bedtime. 

Pro-Tips To Take Care Of Your Sheets

Finally, once you have your linen clean and dry, you can quickly iron your pillowcase to make sure they are clean and ready to use, however, this is a matter to be addressed to your fleet staff and maybe you will be too busy to iron your pillowcase, anyways it is good to consider this option. By taking care of your sheets according to this guide, you will be able to preserve the useful lifetime of your bedding.

Notwithstanding the fact that there are different rules and layout distribution for each ship, you always have your personal spot right under your rack, besides that, in some cases you might as well have access to another locker, and even to an additional place to store your linen, which will be very helpful to keep them clean and rightly ordered. If you have doubts about the conditions of your bathing, or you actually think that the place can be significantly sandy or dusty (for example if your deployment will be in a desertic zone), then you should go for sheets in darker colors and refrain from choosing the classic white, in this way your set will look cleaner.

A crucial aspect to take into consideration in order to keep your sheets fresh and free of dirt, is that if you get the chance to pick the rack that you want to use, refrain from choosing the lower level. If you have seen how racks are arranged in the berthing, you will notice that there are three levels of racks, and there is no stair or support to access the second or third level. This means that if you are in the lower level, people will step all over your mattress topper in order to get to their assigned rack. Finally, and as a bonus tip, when you are ordering your set of sheets, make sure to select the size that matches your mattress, according to your rank. If you order from Fleet Sheets, you don’t need to worry about measurements, as they already have their online store ready, making it as simple for you as clicking on your rank to pick the right size. Whether you are looking for sheets as a Crew member, a Chief petty officer (CPO), Officer, or you need a Crew Long or CPO Long, they have you covered.

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