Bed Sheet Material: The Misconceptions About Bed Sheets

Bed Sheet Material: The Misconceptions About Bed Sheets

This entire time we thought all there was to purchasing quality bed sheets was looking for a high thread count at a reasonable price and were done. Sounds simple enough right? Well, after reading this you may have to reconsider that approach. 

It turns out there is a major misconception about bed sheet materials and we want you to understand this concept before you spend hard earned money on the imposters.

We all have different reasons to purchase bed sheets and it’s something we don’t do on a regular basis. Some of us are looking for that new bed they recently invested in, you may be a truck driver that needs comfortable linen for the back of the big rig or you could be getting ready to be shipped overseas to serve our country and don't want to settle for old Navy issued sheets. 

Whatever the case maybe we want you to be educated on bed sheet material because we believe sleep plays such in a critical role in our lives. 

Quality bed linen allows us to be comfortable wherever we may lay our head. Let's take a look at the benefits of having good quality bed sheets and pillow cases:

  1. Quality sheets keep you cool during the summer and cozy in the winter.
  2. Quality cotton sheets can last a lifetime.
  3. Quality cotton is breathable and transfers moisture away from your skin.
  4. Anti-allergenic and can protect sensitive skin.
  5. Repels dirt and other bacterias on our skin.

The benefits mentioned above are a few things we found that help you with a better night's sleep. Not that we understand the importance of investing in bed sheets that are first class let’s dive into our article about bed sheet materials.

The high thread count misconception

Most people that are not educated on the bed sheet materials will automatically go for the higher thread count and we are here to say that might not be your best option. Please, allow us to explain.

What we want you to understand other than anything else in this post is that you can only fit a certain amount of threads into a square inch of bed sheet material. Scott Tannen, the CEO of Boll & Branch states that number is usually 400 threads. So you might ask, “How do sheets have a thread count well over a thousand?”

We wanted to get to the bottom of this so we took the time to research further into the thread count theory. 

What is thread count for bed sheet material?

To give you a dictionary definition without a lot of explanation thread count is threads weaved into a single square inch of fabric. The number is added up by the threads woven horizontally and vertically through the sheet material. Additionally, extra threads can be woven into the horizontal threads creating a thicker and higher count of threads. This is how we can fabricate sheets that have a thread count into the thousands.

Grasp what thread count really is and how to use it.

Big popular brands are using thread counts to promote bed sheet materials as the only factor when purchasing and we believe you should be looking at a multiple of components in your bed sheets.

What many big brand named sheet suppliers are doing is using low-quality thin layers of threads to be able to create multiple threading systems.

This enables the manufacturer to double the thread count in a square inch. Therefore a sheet that should be a 200 thread count is now a 400 thread count. That being said a regular ply 200 thread of quality cotton would ultimately feel better than a 600 thread but most of the time the consumer is convinced that the higher the thread count the better the quality so, in the end, they purchase the 600. This is exactly what we want to prevent from happening to you. 

What to stay clear of when purchasing bed sheets

When it comes to buying sheets that last and that will help you get the good night's sleep you deserve there are things you will want to avoid: 

  • As a rule of thumb if you ever come across a bargain online or even at a well-known department store watch out for very high thread counts that are priced at a rock-bottom price. This type of deal is usually too good to be true because the numbers simply don’t add up. Generally speaking, if you see a set of sheets on sale that claim to be quality and are priced under $100 you may want to about face and head to another store. As a quality bed sheet provider ourselves we can tell you firsthand that it’s nearly impossible to turn a profit when you sell sets of quality sheets for under $100.
  • We would suggest avoiding anything that is not made of cotton. Synthetic materials have been known to not breathe well making your sleep uncomfortable. Additionally, we compiled a list of different types of cotton and encourage you to do research on these types of kinds of cotton because not all of these bed sheet materials are created equal:
  1. Egyptian
  2. Pima
  3. Percale (link to sales page)
  4. Sateen

What bed sheets are right for you?

At the end of the day what’s right for you and your preference is all that matters. Undoubtedly we all live in different areas of the world and have to deal with different extremes of weather.

For this reason, we came up with a guide that will help you decide what route to take when buying bed sheets.

Lightweight & Crisp


Silky Feel

Sateen Weave

Cotton Shirt Feel

Jersey Weave


Cotton/Polyester blend

Soft & Cool


Depending on your lifestyle you spend a good percentage of the day in your sheets so invest the time and money necessary to find the bed sheet material that will suit you best.

Don't let the touch and feel be the deciding factor

Believe it or not many big brand companies and department stores are using special substances to make the sheets that are displayed feel better than what they really are.

Do a thorough inspection on the sheets and see if any threads are coming off or peeling. Quality sheets will have a good stitch and we know this is not the easiest thing to spot but by using your best judgment is better than going off of the feel alone.

If you’re buying online look into reviews and read people’s feedback to see what they thought of the product and make a decision from that point.

We have confidence that if you’re reading this post you are an educated buyer and will have no problem purchasing bed sheets that will help you with optimal sleep. 

Final words on bed sheet meterial

All things considered, we want you to realize that thread count should not be the only component of the sheet you look at. Yes, it is true that a higher count results in a thicker material but that doesn’t mean the material is good quality.

At Fleet Sheets, we understand this concept to the fullest and our cotton sheets are guaranteed to be threaded from the excellent material that will last you generation after generation and help you get the best sleep possible.

Every bed sheet is custom designed and tailored to be breathable so you can be comfortable at all times.

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