7 Benefits Of Quick Dry Microfiber Towel

7 Benefits Of Quick Dry Microfiber Towel

good things that come along, when you have the opportunity to get your towels ready immediately after shower. If you believe that the only way to accelerate the drying time of your towels is by using a machine or heating device, you definitely need to rethink this idea. Drying towels are a super useful tool for people with tight schedules or those who shower in common areas, such as gym lockers or even those military members who are in deployment. If you wanna know more about the advantages of using a quick dry microfiber towel, keep on reading and find it out. In this article, we will share the 7 greatest benefits that you will enjoy if you decide to get one of these practical items.

1. Forget about the annoying lint

As all people who have used a regular towel (which is made out of cotton), you have dealt with the awful lint balls that form on the surface. This happens due to the nature of the natural origin of cotton. Now the disadvantage of using these materials to get dry after a shower, is that the lint can end up stuck in your hair, making it look dirty. On the other hand, microfiber is a man-made creation that is closely-woven, preventing the transition of any particle to your hair or body.

2. Lean material that does not add much weight

Once you try the quick dry microfiber towel, you will become a big fan because besides having a great texture, they are very lightweight.

3. Great texture for your body

Whether you use them to dry your skin or hail, you will feel how gentle these microfiber towels are.

4. Save space for other important things

If you are looking for a nice towel that you can take to the gym, sports or to use during deployment as you serve in a naval ship, microfiber quick-dry towels can be your best option since they are way thinner than a regular towel, allowing you to use your limited space to take other essential things with you. When using a cotton towel, it is usual to have more than one, in case that yours is wet or you need to wash it. But microfiber materials get dry easily, meaning that you don’t need to take more than a couple, even if you will be away for months.

5. Long-lasting quality

A microfiber towel is a great choice for those users who are looking for a convenient value, since these items are known to offer an outstanding quality for an extended period.

6. Save your time when drying

The microfiber material is made with thin strands that give them ultra absorbing properties, allowing you to get dry in half the time you usually need. If you are serving as a sailor, saving some minutes will be very valuable as you will often have busy and long schedules. So, you can take advantage of these useful towels, and you can easily place your order with a trusted provider like Fleet Sheets, who are experts in supplying solutions for both new and experienced sailors.

7. Keep a beautiful mane

Although cotton is very soft, it does not compare to microfiber, which offers a superior feel. It’s smoother texture aids a healthy, good looking hair.

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