Navy Rack: What Is a Rack in the Navy?

Navy rack

The English language is full of wonderful words with multiple meanings. One such word that is dear to my heart and business is “rack.” According to Merriam-Webster, the word “rack” dates back to 1580 and there are eight official definitions:

1. a framework for holding fodder for livestock;
2. an instrument of torture on which a body is stretched;


Navy Rack | Fleet Sheets

There’s a rack you do not want to find yourself on!
Photo credit: Braveheart (1995 – Paramount Pictures) 

3. a (1) : a cause of anguish or pain (2) :  acute suffering 

b :  the action of straining or wrenching;

4. a framework, stand, or grating on or in which articles are placed;
5. a:  a bar with teeth on one face for gearing with a pinion or worm gear to transform rotary motion to linear motion or vice versa (as in an automobile steering mechanism) 

b:  a notched bar used as a ratchet to engage with a pawl, click, or detent;

6. a pair of antlers;
7. a triangular frame used to set up the balls in a pool game; also:  the balls as set up;
8. a jargon term commonly used to refer to a woman’s breasts;

Navy Rack | Fleet Sheets

             Recently single again Megan Fox has heard of #8!

                                                    Photo Credit: Daily Mail (UK)

     9. military slang for a bed or bunk; especially on a ship.

      And one sailor to another, let’s be on the level – there’s only two of those definitions you really care about. Well, I’m sorry to say I can’t help you with one, but it’s my business to know the other.

      I know how hard it is to keep a neat and tidy rack. I also understand that small spot on a big ship is your spot and a sacred refuse of rest. I want to help you with both.

      Keeping a neat rack is not just a requirement in the Navy -- it’s an obsession. Passing inspection can be pretty difficult sometimes using those standard issue linens. My patented product is designed so that making an inspection-proof rack has never been easier. It’s been custom made to fit your rack. That’ll not only give you a tidy bed, but also help you get it done in record time.

      Besides keeping the brass happy, let’s face it … that rack may be your one place of comfort and solitude for many weeks at sea. It’s where you read, unwind, and even sometimes get some shuteye. 

      It’s time for an update and an upgrade.

      You deserve it. 

      And I know you’ll appreciate the difference.

      Fleet Sheets linens will make your rack feel as close to that bed back home as possible. So while you lie awake thinking about that other rack, rest your head on the linens made solely for the use of the US Navy.

      Author’s note: Ok, you got me. I tossed an extra definition in there but we all know Merriam-Webster just overlooked it.


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