What is a Navy Rack?

What is a Navy Rack?

There are many words in the English language that have multiple meanings. The word "rack", which is very dear to me and my business, dates back to the 1580s and has eight official meanings.

  1. A framework used to hold fodder for animals;
  2. An instrument of torture that stretches a person's body;

Medieval Torture Rack Instrument | Fleet Sheets
You don't want to be on this rack!

3. a. anguish, pain or suffering
    b. acute suffering
    c. the action of squeezing or yanking.

4. A framework, stand or grating in or on which articles are placed. 

5. a. A bar with teeth on the one side for gearing up with a pinion, worm gear or other device to convert rotary motion into linear motion (such as in an automobile steering system)
    b. A notched bar that is used to engage a click, pawl or detent.

6. Antlers.

7. A triangular frame that is used to arrange the balls for a game of pool; or, the balls themselves as they are set up. "Rack em"

8. A jargon term used to describe a woman's breasts.

Katy Perry GQ
Katy Perry GQ

9. military slang for bed or bunk, especially on ships.

Let's all be honest, only two of these definitions are important to you.

I understand how difficult it is to maintain a clean and orderly ship rack. I understand your small space on a large ship as a place of sacred rest. I'm here to help with both.

Maintaining a neat Navy rack is more than a requirement -- it's a passion. Using the standard issue linens can make it difficult to pass inspection. It's never been easier to make an inspection-proof ship rack with Fleet Sheets. It is made for your rack. This will not only help you make a neat bed, but it will also speed up the process.

Let's be honest, besides keeping XO and CMC happy... this rack could be your only place of solitude and comfort for several weeks at sea. You can read there, relax, or even catch some rack ops shut-eye.

Upgrade your rack and your quality of life.

You deserve it.

You'll see the difference.

Fleet Sheets make your rack as comfortable as possible. While you're lying awake, (quietly) thinking about the other rack, lay down on linens that were made exclusively for Navy Ship Racks, Submarine Racks, & Coast Guard Racks.

*Note from the author: You got me. The dictionary may have missed it, but I added an extra definition.

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