Sea Stories

Broken and Unreadable | Part I
I spent Veterans Day talking to veterans, over the phone, or voice via social media. No memes, no text messages, no quick emails.  Honest, real, voice.  It’s just so novel, but awkward, and clumsy. For people that used to exist to communicate and accomplish something, we’re horrible at picking up the phone. It’s this mix of wanting to...
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The Finest Blunt Force Object
It’s been just over a year since retirement. Time clips by at a steady pace. In the planning stages of retirement, an old mentor charged me to “remain connected as a retired Chief Petty Officer." His graying goatee, the glass of whiskey, the company polo shirt all faded as a stern gleam came from his eye
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An Old Sailor’s History of Textiles
In our modern life, even at sea, it is easy to take the bedding textiles we use every day for granted. I didn’t think much about Navy bedding until our COMCRUDESPAC Unit embarked aboard USS Boston (CAG-1) in 1967, bound for Vietnam. For my open-bay, aluminum-frame canvas rack, I got everything I needed...
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