Locker Wall Caddy with pockets from Fleet Sheets
Locker Wall Caddy with pockets and dimensions from Fleet Sheets

Locker Wall Caddy

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Fleet Sheets Sizes for Navy Ship Racks, Coast Guard Ship Racks, and Submarine Racks.
Size Guide For Navy Ship Racks | What Size Are Navy Racks? | Fleet Sheets - For Navy & Coast Guard Ship Racks
Keep your gear organized with our Locker Wall Caddy. Hangs from the inside hook of your locker. Durable & efficient storage solution to maximize your berthing locker space. Get one before they're gone! 

Type: Ship Locker, Berthing Locker, Stateroom, Barracks Closet, Temporary Lodging Closet
Number of Sections: 4
Special Feature: 4 Sections, 10 Pockets, 1 Locker Hanging Lanyard
Product Dimensions: 40.5"D x 17.25
Style: rack locker organizers and storage
Finish Type: duck canvas
Product Care Instructions: Washable

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