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Great gift for our sailor

The mattress pad and sheets are a game changer for bunk comfort

Sheets for son

My son is leaving for deployment and he requested these sheets for his deployment on Navy ship for next 2 years. The sheets felt nice & being they are customized to ship's beds I'm hoping it'll make my son's time away a little nicer!

Grandson loves it

My rack actually feels like a bed!

This is what my minimalist sailor said about the mattress topper, and he was super leery of it being worthwhile. He gave it a 10/10. He said he doesn't feel any of the springs and it fit perfectly. The caddy will be very useful I was impressed to get a thank you and shipping to Japan was in a timely manner.

Great sheets!

Perfect for my rack! It's a must have for future deployments.

Excellent value

My son was very pleased with the sheets, and I felt they were well made

My niece is in the Navy in Japan she loves the mattress pad and sheets are tight will buy more in the future

My son thought they were great and couldn't wait to use them.

Very pleased

I purchased this set for my sailor who lives in the ship, I wanted to give him some comfort. These sheets and mattress pad are very well made. I have to say my son was very pleased.

Blue fleet sheets

My son says they are great!

Great sheets

Comfortable and fit way better than what the navy issues. Highly recommend

Some hiccups, but I would order from them again.

My husband was getting ready to deploy so I ordered from Fleet Sheets to hopefully improve his sleep on the ship. I wanted the curtain caddy customized with his name on it and paid for it, of course. The curtain caddy was much smaller than I envisioned but still good, however, it didn't gave his name on it. Instead, his sheets did. I love it but the one thing I wanted his name on didn't have it. I am still satisfied, especially since the name on the sheets were nice. The only other thing us that it does take a little while to arrive to plan accordingly.

Got these for my Marine. Loved them!

Flannel Comfort Care Package

Awesome sheets!

Everything is great!

Love the mattress topper.

Nice quality, great company

I bought the blanket (sheets, and topper) for my Navy son’s next deployment, so I’ll have to wait until he breaks them in for the whole story, but the products are excellent weight, softness, and apparent quality. He has washed and packed them to go, and is very happy with them! The company is top notch, readily available for questions and concerns, and very honorable.


Had a shipping issue & Larry was fantastic & very prompt with helping getting it sorted out! My sailor loves his new Fleet Sheets just as much as he does his prior set! Would highly recommend this product & company!!

My Sailor Loves It!

I bought these for my son who is stationed on a carrier. His words, "the mattress topper feels better than the springs from the rack mattress."

My sailor loves them!

My grandson asked for Crew Comfort Care Package for Christmas! He was wowed by how comfortable his ship bunk feels. He enthusiastically recommends!

Great Customer Service - Great Quality

I was very pleased with the quality of the merchandise that I purchased from Fleet Sheets. In addition, the owner reached out to me personally thanking me for my business.

Great Customer Service

My Sailor was super excited to get this as a Christmas present!! When wrapping I noticed a piece was missing from order and after a leaving a message my missing piece was sent to me and arrived before Christmas!! So glad this is a company that takes care of our Military serving on the Sea!!! Will order again!! Thanks Fleet Sheets!!!

Excellent quality and customer service

I finally received my sheet set and it was not disappointing. Nice quality sheets, the mattress topper is comfortable and the curtain caddy is a blessing at night. The service was excellent when handling my situation to get me the sheet set. I highly recommend the sheet sets.

Great quality products

I purchased several items for my brother who is out on duty and from the email I just received any thing you could order is going to be awesome quality and well worth the money. Shipping to the boat took a little long but that’s to be expected with everything going on. He definitely loves all of the fleet sheet products I sent to him.

The sheets felt so soft . My son loved them and can’t wait to get to use them .

Size Guide | Sheet Sizes for Navy Racks | Fleet Sheets
Sheet Sizes for Navy Racks, Military Mattresses, Coast Guard Racks, Submarine Racks
Size Name Fitted Sheet Flat Sheet Pillowcases
Crew (Surface Ships and Submarines) 26" × 76" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 53" × 92" 20" × 33"
Crew Long (Surface Ships) 26" × 80" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 53" × 96" 20" × 33"
CPO (Surface Ships, Subs, and Coast Guard Cutters) 28" × 76" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 56" × 92" 20" × 33"
CPO Long (Surface Ships) 28" × 80" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 56" × 96" 20" × 33"
Officer (Surface Ships) 34" × 76" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 63" × 92" 20" × 33"